Oolong Tea

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    Blue Pineapple Iced Tea Pouches


    Easy to use tea pouches  that yields a two-quart pitcher of beautiful blue iced tea! Just pour water over the tea-filled sachet and brew! OR cold brew overnight in the fridge.
    This pretty blue beverage contains Oolong tea, lemongrass, ginger, pineapple, blue butterfly pea blossoms and stevia.

    Four pouches

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    Grilled Southern Peach Tea


    If you like Lapsang Souchong, you will love this selection! A much less brass and very smooth smoky tea. From the Great MississippiTea Company. A blend of their 100% U.S. grown black and oolong tea leaves that have been cold-smoked with Pecan wood and blended with peach pieces. The pecan smoke lends a vanilla note to this tea.
    One ounce package
    These leaves are large and one ounce goes a long way!

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    Orchid Oolong


    These High-grade,organic tea leaves have a lilac, buttery, fresh essence; hand picked leaves are basket-tosses and rolled into kernels that magically unfold in your teapot!
    A unique lilac flavor that is full and smooth with afresh orchid finish.
    Leaves may be steeped more than once.

    Three-ounce package

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    Peach Oolong


    Delightful and refreshing with the distinctive flavor of ripened peaches and lingering hints of oak and honey; this lightly fermented oolong could become your new favorite iced tea!
    Delightful, these high-grade leaves are refreshing with distinctive flavor and the aroma of ripened peaches with hints of oak and honey. One of our favorites for iced tea.

    Two-ounce package

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    Organic Plum Oolong


    A blend of sweet, amber organic, high-grade, Oolong tea leaves with Japanese Gomishi berries and plum essence. This is a superb cup of tea, full in refreshing fragrance and taste.

    Gomishi berries, also known as Schizndra translates as “five berry flavor” and is used in Chinese medicine as a nourishing tonic that strengthens one’s physical work capacity and relieves stress.
    In Japan the berries are used to treat colds and sea-sickness.

    Three-ounce package

Showing all 5 results