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    2oz. $6.50
    Organic steamed Japanese Sencha Green with puffed toasted rice blended with powdered Matcha tea. A thick emerald-green brew has a strong aroma and is packed with satisfying flavor, high antioxidants and long lasting energy boost.

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    Organic China Sencha


    2oz. $7.00
    A steamed green tea from the peak growing season in the style of Japanese Sencha. A well balanced cup that is pleasant and mild, with a gentle pungency and smooth, vegetal characteristics.

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    Organic Green Pomegranate Tea


    2oz. $5.50
    Sencha-style organic green tea wait essence of pomegranate and raspberries. Light, refreshing and fruity!

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    Organic Gunpowder Green


    2oz. $6.00
    Fine China green tea, painstakingly proceed into pearls?. Rich flavor, balanced pungency and smoky tones.

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    Organic Liquid Jade


    2oz. $6.00
    A delicious blend of organic green and white teas with a touch of bergamot. Delivers a clean, fresh taste with light notes of honey and citrus.

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    Sweet Almond Green Tea


    2oz. $6.00
    Exotic blend of Sencha tea with the sweet and pleasing taste of slivered almonds. Heavenly, fragrant sipping tea!

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Showing all 6 results


Organic Green Teas from around the world.