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    2018 Golden Bud Ripe Puerh


    Golden bud is a fine tippy grade leaf-typically named for the golden color and use of new bud growth.
    The flavor is smooth, creamy and sweet with slight chocolate after finish.
    This one ounce sample is from a larger pressed cake and a great way to treat yourself to an otherwise expensive investment in an $85-$95 cake. This was a limited run of 392 cakes.
    Includes an informational/brewing instruction sheet

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    Aztec Spice Puerh Tea


    This earthy, spicy chocolatey blend is a treat for your senses! An exotic blend of black Yunnan Pu-erh tea with cocoa, cinnamon and chili!

    3 ounce package

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    Coconut Cacao Puerh


    A tantalizing blend of organic loose leaf Pu-erh (aged black) with cocoa nibs and coconut.
    A robust, well-rounded cup of tea with an amazing coconut aroma.
    Economical choice because you can get several infusions out of Pu-erh leaves.
    Three-ounce package.

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    Di Jie Ripe Puerh


    Spring harvest of 2020-aged till 2021 June pressing into a limited run of 300 cakes. This one ounce sample is an excellent chance to taste a higher-end Puerh tea without breaking the bank! (The larger cakes are $70-$80!)
    Includes an information and brewing instruction sheet on Puerh.

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    Mississippi Sunshine


    Yellow the is the rarest type of tea in the world and this is the only one grown right here in the United States! The tea undergoes a light oxidation of which the primary purpose is to remove the grassy taste associated with green teas. This leaf takes a five day process of oxidation and fermentation that results in a beautifully yellow hued cup of tea with exceptional taste. An experience you definitely should treat yourself to!
    Grown in Brookhaven Mississippi by a grower who is actually a descendant of frontier hero Daniel Boone! Sustainably grown without the use of pesticides or fungicides.

Showing all 5 results