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    Fairy Realms Herbal blend


    Green Salmon’s blend- perfect for sipping while reading, doing creative work, gardening or when consulting Runes, Tarot or Oracle cards!

    Honeysuckle is a bridge to communicating with the fairies!

    Calendula increases the ability to truly listen and evokes compassion

    Poppy strengthens dream vision

    Yarrow increases psychic pathways

    2 ounce package

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    A floral, slightly savory tisane.
    Herbal blend of flowers and herbs common to the Ukraine.(The Ukraine’s national flower is the Sunflower) Lemon and sweetener go nicely with this tisane.
    Contains the following;
    Linden- relieves anxiety
    Hawthorn-improves heart and circulatory health
    Thyme- Anti-inflammatory, boosts immunity
    Lemon Balm- reduces stress, improves digestion
    Bilberry- controls blood sugar levels, improves heart and vision health
    Calendula- aids digestive and immune systems
    Life-everlasting flower- muscle relaxant, treats gastrointestinal and circulation issues

    2 ounce package

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    Yasquatch Sticker


    Our Yasquatch sticker- great conversation starter- cool stocking stuffer or on your laptop or car! 3.5 x 5 inches

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    $12.75 per pound
    Light Roasted with notes of Mild Citrus and Floral Tones with a medium body. Our very first Light Roast!

    Out of stock

Showing all 4 results