About The Green Salmon

In house sustainable practices:

    1. Buying from the land, giving back to the land
      1. We buy as much as we can from local farms, foragers and producers.
      2. All vegetable matter, coffee/tea waste and egg shells are composted and given back to the farms we work with to enrich the soil.
      3. We buy products that are sustainable/ organically grown to keep the land we live in and ourselves healthy.
    2. Conservation of our resources
      1. We collect rainwater for mopping the floors and watering our plants.
      2. We encourage the use of our water saving facilities.
      3. All light bulbs used in customer areas are 9 watts, 5 to 10 times lower usage than conventional bulbs.
    3. Alternative energy sources
      1. We show our customers that alternative energy sources are a reality with our demonstration solar system powering the hallway lights, register, music and entrance fountain (works all year).
      2. Our space is heated by locally harvested forest service slash wood, a sustainable local resource that takes no long distance transport or processing that wastes energy consumption.
    4. Lowering our environmental impact
      1. We have recently made a “no plastic” pledge for our “to go” containers. We now use corn plastic products that are made from corn and 100% compost able/biodegradaable.
      2. We also have adopted a non-chlorine sanitizing product for all our cleaning and sanitizing. Approved by the Dept. of health, this product reduces the levels of chlorine released into the sewer system and the environment.

Vroom! Supports https://www.farmsanctuary.org/

Bat Blend! Supports http://www.batcon.org/

Campfire Blend supports http://www.oregonwild.org/

A portion of the profits from the sale of each one of these varieties helps support the endeavors of these great groups.